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Please review our qualifications to rent before proceeding with your application:
1. Copy of photo IDs 
2. Verified income and employment (Ex: Bank statements, Tax return, Pay tub, etc)
3. Verified rental history
4. No judgements or evictions in the past 5 years (have to provide proof of rental history in the last 5 years)
5. No criminal felonies
6. A monthly earnings of 3 times the amount of rent ( NOT REQUIRED for Section 8)
7. Co-signers: monthly earnings of 5 times the amount of rent
8. Application fees must be paid online, money order, cashier's check. (Make the money order/ cashier check payable to OMEGA INVESTMENT LLC)

Application fee: $40/person which can be paid online or drop off money orders or cashier checks online  at our office. 
Anyone 18 & above should fill out a separate application.

Instruction to pay online:

- Click "Buy now" button
- You can pay with you PayPal account
- Or you can choose "Pay with an online bank account, debit or credit card, or PayPal Credit" for other types of payment 

**If any of the questions below doesn't apply to you, please put N/A in order to submit the application.

If you are qualified, please proceed with the application below: